Why should plumbers invest in digital marketing

Plumbing contractors can benefit immensely from investing in digital marketing for plumbers, especially since an increasing number of people search online when they want to hire plumbing services in their area.

If your plumbing company doesn’t have a solid online presence, you’ll likely hand over your potential clients to your competitors.

From website development and email marketing to PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns and SEO (Search Engine Optimization), plumbing digital marketing is all-encompassing.

Digital Marketing can help your plumbing business in the following ways:

1. Get Discovered by Customers

One of the most important things digital marketing for plumbers can do is make your business easy to discover for potential customers. After all, they’ll consider your services only when they can find you.

Even if you’re a brilliant plumbing company with an excellent work ethic, you’ll still miss out on a whole lot of customers if your company’s website doesn’t rank at the top in search engine results. This is where a proven plumbing marketing company can be helpful.

Their experience, knowledge, and skills will enable them to implement the right SEO best practices on your website. As a result, your website will achieve the top spots in your potential customer’s search results, making you a leading contender to snag the maximum possible business.

2. Increase Your Reach

Digital marketing for plumbers can help you significantly grow your business by improving its reach to potential customers.

From developing online ads that target people in specific locations and having a robust social media presence to creating engaging and informative content for your website’s blog, your plumbing marketing company will cover all these bases. 

When it comes to expanding the reach and gaining new customers, it’s always a good idea to implement multiple strategies related to internet marketing for plumbers.

3. Improve Your Reputation and Credibility

When looking for a plumber, customers tend to go for someone they can trust and rely on. In other words, they prefer to hire plumbing companies that enjoy a good reputation. The challenge here is, there are a ton of plumbers out there. The best way to gauge their services is through recommendations and testimonials from their past clients. 

Your plumbing marketing company will be aware of this and work out a robust strategy that includes adding customer testimonials and reviews to your website. Once your prospects visit your site and see past customers raving about your services, you’ll likely gain their trust and confidence. 

Having testimonials from happy customers on your website is a must as it gives people a good idea of what your plumbing company has to offer that your competitors don’t.

4. Increase Leads

As plumbing marketing experts, we know that PPC and SEO work well in bringing your business directly in front of your target customers. PPC ads on social media platforms are a good example of this. 

Further, many other tools may be employed to understand more about your customer’s buying habits and search patterns. This insightful information can then be leveraged to organically boost leads through SEO strategies that include content marketing, keyword research, and local SEO. 

Simply put, these factors will bring customers to your website by meeting their needs organically. Obtaining and leveraging this information, however, takes experience and skill. A seasoned plumbing marketing company can be immensely beneficial here. 

5. Boost Sales

An experienced plumbing marketing company can help you optimize your website mid-funnel to monitor leads, interact with customers through chatbots, deliver engaging content, and facilitate more sales with coupons and other offers. These are great ways to convert website visitors into paying customers. 

They’ll also use analytical and CRM tools to connect with customers, gather their information, store it securely, and use it to boost your sales whenever the opportunity strikes.

6. Use Your Reviews to Your Advantage

Did you know that your positive online reviews are among the most powerful weapons you have in your online marketing arsenal? Fortunately, plumbing marketing experts know just how to use customer reviews and ratings to distinguish your plumbing company from your competitors.

According to research, “98% of people at least ‘occasionally’ read online reviews for local businesses.” Also, even a single positive review can increase your conversions by 10%, while 100 reviews can lead to a 37% increase.

Basically, online reviews can go a long way in showing the value of your business to prospective customers in the most authentic way. The better your reviews and ratings are, the most trustworthy your company will across. 

7. Get It Right the First Time

Still wondering why hire a plumbing marketing company to grow plumbing business? How about the fact that you’ll have the best professionals on the job to do things the right way, and get you the desired results? 

Unless you’re a plumber who’s also a digital marketing expert, you’ll probably lack knowledge of the online marketing world. However, a marketing company for plumbers will be adept at devising and implementing a powerful plumbing marketing plan that’s geared to meet your specific business goals.

From determining the right keywords with high search volume and creating compelling content to making your website SEO-friendly and everything in between – it’ll all be done correctly the first time itself. 

The bottom line is that the right plumbing marketing company will help you showcase your expertise in the plumbing domain. By joining hands with skilled digital marketers, you’ll be able to improve the quantity and quality of your online leads. You’ll also save money by creating and executing the most effective plumbing marketing plan for your business. 

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It’s no secret that the plumbing industry is cutthroat. Plumbing contractors, therefore, need to find ways to differentiate themselves from competitors and stay ahead of the herd. Digital marketing for plumbers can be highly advantageous in this regard. 

With the internet taking over our lives, it makes sense to leverage the various online channels and increase your customer base. With the right plumbing marketing plan, you can make the internet work for you around the clock and reach the people who need your services. 

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