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HVAC Consulting

The following HVAC consulting packages are offered by our Business Growth Coach Chris Smith. For more information about any of the consulting options please contact us to find out more information or to sign up.

HVAC Marketing Message Audit

This package includes a complete audit of your marketing messaging, target demographic, marketing channels, and creatives. Our team takes a look at your current marketing and then makes recommendations to dramatically improve your messaging to increase ad conversions. We examine how you are addressing demographic perceived fears, conveying a sense of trust, and making it as easy as possible for your customers to engage with your brand, purchase your services and then refer friends and family.

Pay-Per-Click Keyword Audit

This package includes a complete audit of your pay-per-click keywords and negative keywords to identify the areas where your PPC campaign is bleeding money and where it can use some improvement. Using the ACM proven HVAC intent keyword program Chris can turn your pay-per-click campaign around with this comprehensive audit. This audit will easily pay for itself in 3-6 months with improved lead quality and eliminating click waste and fraud.

Social Media Strategy

This package includes examining your current social media marketing strategy and then developing a social media marketing strategy that you can follow to improve your brand value, convey trust and develop your company as the local expert in your community when it comes to HVAC.

Customer Service Process Audit

This package takes a look at your current service delivery systems and examines them from the customer standpoint. We map the current customer journey and then make recommendations on ways you can improve this customer journey to improve your customer reviews and your customer referral rate.

Sales Process Audit

This package examines your current sales process and then helps you develop a technician and a comfort specialists sales program that improves your close rate while increasing your equipment mix.

Messaging Automation Audit

The package examines your current customer communication processes and then makes recommendations for using messaging automation to increase the efficiency of your CSR staff while dramatically improving your customer journey.

1-5-10 Year Marketing Plan

This package develops your 1-5-10 year marketing plans by working with you to set realistic sales growth goals, establishing a marketing plan to reach those goals while also developing an organizational staffing expansion plan. This plan puts your company’s growth on autopilot and helps you avoid marketing and staffing mistakes moving forward.

Marketing and Social Media Topic Calendar Development

This package examines your current service offerings and then develops a marketing and social media topic 12-month calendar. This enables you to develop annual seasonal offerings that boost demand in slow months while maximizing profit in-demand months.

Lead Close Rate Audit

This package takes a deep dive into your lead close rate and recommends changes to increase the close rate. This program makes your marketing budget much more effective by improving initial close rates while also ensuring a good strong lead follow-up to squeeze the maximum effectiveness out of every lead.

Competition Audit

This package performs a complete competition audit. We look at your service area to determine household income demographics, where your competition is located, and what your competition offers. We then develop your plan to gain market share in your desired territory or recommend a new territory.

Unique Selling Position Development

This package takes a look at your competition and helps you develop a unique selling position (USP). Your USP will differentiate you from your competition and help potential customers choose your company on a metric other than simply price.

Company Culture Development

This program develops and recommends steps to be implemented to help you develop a strong culture of excellence in your company. We design a program that helps you attract the best employees in your territory while also keeping those employees dedicated to the team and to the company. If you are currently experiencing problems recruiting and hiring employees you most likely have an unrecognized culture issue. This program fixes those issues and makes you the best HVAC company in your area.

Recruiting, Hiring, and Developing Employee Program

This program helps you develop employee recruitment, hiring, and onboarding process that is second to none. Developing a strong employee program helps you attract the best talent which makes your company the most profitable.

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