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Also known as Search Engine Marketing

Our team is comprised of experts in managing and also building your online search engine marketing campaigns through PPC marketing. We have succeeded in gaining and also attracting the right customers.

Utilizing pay-per-click (PPC) internet advertising can be one of the most costly or also the most profitable lead generation tools. In the heat of the summer “air conditioning repair,” the key phrase can be as high as $145 per click or higher. Knowing which keywords work and at what spend level can make or break your PPC advertising.

Managing your pay-per-click advertising budget is critical to producing a high positive return on investment. The first aspect of this is using geocoding to ensure that your ads only show to those internet searchers that are actually in your service territory. The second aspect is the proper use of negative keywords.

Positive and Negative Keywords – PPC

A good example of a negative keyword would be “car air conditioner repair”. You really don’t want to pay $75 for a click when someone was actually looking for an automotive repair shop. Knowing exactly what negative keywords to utilize is extremely important in pay-per-click advertising. We not only know exactly what negative keywords your campaign needs but we also know what search terms to target and also at what spend rate to produce a high number of leads at a positive return. We generate qualified leads at lower spend rates to, therefore, ensure your pay-per-click campaign actually makes you money.

Our strong focus on data analytics for the past 12 years has taught us how to run a highly profitable lead-generating pay-per-click campaign.  With tight controls on spend levels, viewer location, and also average ad ranking we can lower your cost per lead and increase the number of leads for your campaign.

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