Get your website found

Get traction for your company’s website.  Our team makes sure that your online presence is structured well to get good organic results on search engines.

Our contractor specific search engine optimization (SEO) program uses proprietary keywords that your customers are typing in the search engine to find a good reputable contractor in their area. We track these search phrases and know exactly which customers you want to attract.

The search engines use an algorithm to determine which websites they will show for each search query (when a customer types a search term in the search box). This algorithm is very complicated and changes daily. The latest large update by Google occurred in March 2017 and this update changed the way Google weighted the quality of links to your site. Google also recently began placing a higher weight to companies that have the highest reviews from customers. Google is constantly changing the algorithm. The bottom line … if you provide relevant quality information with good SEO practices on the back end, you will always do well in the search results.

Where service companies go wrong is using a company that claims, “we can get you to #1 on Google”. These companies traditionally use “black hat” or tricky SEO schemes to try to fool the google algorithm. Once Google determines your site uses these techniques it will be black listed and removed from Google entirely, never to return. There is a lot at stake and using a professional web marketing company that only utilizes “white hat” or legal SEO techniques is the only way to ensure that you rank well on Google and continue to. All Contractor Marketing is a White Hat SEO company that uses Google approved SEO techniques to list your service company’s website in the search directories.

It’s more than just knowing SEO. You have to know the contracting business. As previous HVAC contractors, we know your business inside and out. This allows us to transform your search engine optimization into a powerful lead machine.