Is Traditional Marketing Still Relevant

Is traditional marketing still relevant in today’s online world?

The short answer – yes! Despite the fantastic results, you may be able to achieve through social media marketing and search engine ads; traditional marketing still has a place in all business’ marketing plans. No matter if you have an HVAC company or a car dealership, your current, and also your potential customers will be receptive to a variety of marketing techniques. The best marketing plans include a combination of traditional and online marketing; since they ensure they are reaching potential customers in a variety of ways.

6 Traditional Marketing Avenues

When you work with All Contractor Marketing®, we may suggest one or more of these traditional marketing techniques to complement your online marketing efforts:

  1. Direct Mail. Whether we suggest radius or mass postcards for your business, direct mail has a consistent ROI.
  2. Broadcast TV. Our broadcast TV advertising partners consistently provide us with the highest gross rating points for the lowest possible price.
  3. Cable TV. All Contractor Marketing® also has close relationships with Cable TV providers which enable us to obtain the highest gross rating points for the lowest possible price.
  4. Broadcast Radio. We work with broadcast radio stations across the nation and consistently produce a high ROI for our clients.
  5. Digital Radio. We are also adept at working with digital radio platforms, like Pandora, Spotify, etc. to bring digital radio advertising opportunities to our clients.
  6. Billboards. Still a solid marketing approach, our talented team will find the best location for your billboard(s) and offer a turn-key approach to this advertising channel.

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