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Direct Mail Marketing for Contractors

Award-winning letter and postcard designs to get your company leads.

Digital marketing may be the latest trend – but there’s nothing like getting your name in customers’ mailboxes. Learn how direct mail services generate more revenue and brand awareness for your company.

All Contractor Marketing® analyzes marketing strategies to determine the best fit for contractors: direct mail letters and/or postcards. Ultimately, our goal is to maximize your ad budget while garnering valuable, high-quality leads on your behalf.

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The Value of Direct Mail in This Digital World

A direct mail campaign sends marketing materials straight to residential addresses. This can include postcards, letters, catalogs, or brochures – whatever best explains and advertises your contracting business’s services. 

When a local homeowner suddenly needs an HVAC technician or a plumber to call, you want them to have your marketing materials right there in their hands. Our expert team will show you how to use direct mail marketing effectively, in tandem with modern digital strategies.

Our Postcard Mailing Offerings

Mass Post Cards

There’s nothing like a quick tune-up reminder in the mailbox to get someone to call your trade business. All Contractor Marketing® sends out mass postcards to your service territory, intended to promote both on and off-season services. 

  • Oversized 6×8 postcards 
  • Custom designs and/or graphics
  • Timed to hit your target market in the right season

Radius Post Cards

Looking to hit a more specific market? All Contractor Marketing® offers a postcard program to target a smaller, high-lead market. After you perform a service for a local customer, we’ll send 50 postcards to customers within that same neighborhood. 

  • Oversized 6×8 radius postcards
  • Target-rich environment 
  • High return on investment

Get Started With Our Direct Mailing Services

Preparing for your busy season? Trying to drum up business during the slow months? Contact our team to learn more about our postcard mailing services. All Contractor Marketing® will create a direct mail marketing strategy, specifically tailored to your business.

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