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About All Contractor Marketing®

About All Contractor Marketing®

Our team is not only the best when it comes to your marketing, we are also the best when it comes to growing your business, improving profit margins, and helping you plan and execute your exit.  As much as 60% of the wealth your business generates occurs when you exit the business and sell. If you choose the right guide, the difference can be millions of dollars, we are the right guide. Let us help you get your marketing in order, get your customer journey enhanced, and grow your business while crushing the competition.

Meet the ACM Team

We work hard on marketing so you don’t have to!


Michele Smith

Chief Executive Officer

Michele has her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing and Advertising. She also has 7 years of experience operating an HVAC company and 17 years of experience operating an HVAC marketing agency.

She loves spending time with her family, grand-dog and grand-cats! When Michele has some downtime, she loves to travel.

Christopher Smith

Chief Artificial Intelligence (AI) Officer

Chris has a Bachelor’s in Organizational Management and Leadership and a Master’s in Adult Education and Training. He has certificates in Prompt Engineering and Advanced Data Analytics for ChatGPT . He has 30 years of HVAC experience and 20 years of HVAC technology and programming experience. Whenever Chris has free time he loves to travel, camp, and be creative.


Brittany Cantatore

VP of Strategy

Brittany has her Master’s degree and certificate in Digital Marketing from Emory University. She has been working for ACM since 2019. Brittany loves her cats, husband, and her family. She also loves to watch funny TikToks. A hobby that she enjoys is taking pictures!

Joe Cantatore

Joe Cantatore

VP of Business Intelligence

Joe has his Bachelor’s degree from Georgia Institute of Technology. He has a passion for software, data and technology. He joined the ACM team in 2023. Joe loves his cats, wife, and his family. In his free time, he loves to garden and grow spicy peppers for his crafted hot sauces.

Rachel Guimarães

Marketing Specialist

Rachel has her Bachelor’s Degree and a Social Media Marketing

certificate from Kennesaw State University. She is also trained in WordPress. Rachel has been working for ACM since 2020. She loves her husband and their puppy Dax! As a hobby, Rachel loves to read.

Emilie Hall

Marketing Specialist

Emilie has her degree from the

American Academy of Dramatic Arts. She has her Google Ad Certification in Search, Display, and Measurement. Emilie has been working for ACM since 2021. She loves her husband and her cats. Her hobbies include acting and reading.

Melissa Hardman

Marketing Specialist

Melissa has her Bachelor’s Degree

and has been working for ACM since the beginning of 2023. She loves her cat Wednesday and Chicken Alfredo. Whenever Melissa has free time she loves to read.

Joshua Smith

Finance Marketing Manager

Josh is currently getting his Bachelor’s in Finance and plans to pursue his Master’s in Business Administration. He has been working for ACM since 2020. Josh loves his golden retriever named Gus, his family, Chick-Fil-A, and video games.

Keri Kuiper

Marketing Specialist

Keri has her Bachelor’s degree and an SEO Certificate from Kennesaw State University. She is a certified Service Titan Coach in Marketing. She has been working for ACM since 2016. She loves her family, traveling, and jogging.

Tricia McLain

Customer Success Manager

Tricia has her Bachelor’s degree and is proficient in call tracking and analysis. She has been working for ACM since 2017. She loves her dog Theo and the beach. Tricia spends a lot of her time supporting her daughter’s soccer team and is a “veteran soccer mom”.

bess stathakis

Bess Stathakis

Marketing Specialist

Bess has a Bachelor’s degree and is a natural leader & a strong communicator. She has been working for ACM since 2024. In her free time, she loves spending time with her family!

Alex Kuiper

Alex Kuiper

Marketing Assistant

Alex is currently in college pursuing his Bachelor’s degree. He has been working with ACM since 2020. He is a very creative individual. In his free time, he loves creating amazing artwork and murals.

We focus on helping you

As recognized by the Inc. 5000 and Expertise.com, our rapid growth has been fueled by one thing. Our customers. You can tell how good a company is by the number of referrals they receive. Thanks to you our customers, we grow primarily through the large number of referrals our customers provide us every day.

best marketing consultant HVAC Contractor Marketin

Our Company – HVAC Marketing Company

All Contractor Marketing® was launched. In 2006, our very first customer was Green Heating and Cooling, a Bryant dealer out of Canton, GA. We worked closely with Jimmy Gibson, the general manager. We designed a marketing program that met his needs and provided a positive return on investment. Mr. Gibson is still a client today.

Over the years, All Contractor Marketing® has grown through word of mouth and referrals at a rapid pace. We provide marketing solutions that always return a positive return on investment and we also have a very strong customer service focus. We remember what it was like to be working as an HVAC contractor and make every effort to ensure that we are spending your company’s marketing budget as good stewards.

Over the years, our client numbers have grown rapidly. Michele has often been referred to as the “Queen of Contractor Marketing” and “a diamond among a pile of rocks when it comes to HVAC marketing“. We added other marketing team members that share our vision for God first, family/friends second, and work third. All Contractor Marketing® is made up of God & also family-focused employees. We love this about our business most of all.

At the end of the day, we want to be considered people you can trust. We have enjoyed long-term relationships with most of our clients.  Choose All Contractor Marketing® and it will be the last time you have to spend valuable time and energy trying to figure out your company’s marketing. We will be your marketing provider year after year.

Our Purpose, Vision & Values

Kingdom Purpose: To reflect Christ in every contact and also wholly support the great commission of Mathew 28:19-20.

Purpose Statement: We grow service businesses and also improve lives.

Our Vision: To become the largest & also the most trusted business growth resource in the service industry while touching each life with the reflection of Christ.

Our Core Values:

  1. Love
  2. Honesty
  3. Responsiveness
  4. Efficiency
  5. Compassion

Top-Rated Marketing Company

Contact us at All Contractor Marketing® and let us wow you with great service, responsiveness, and great results.

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