HVAC Directory Listings

Google Map Listings

When customers search for contractors, the search engine provides highly rated contractors in the customers local area. This is known as local ranking. In order for the search engines to know where you are its critical that your business is correctly listed in mapping directory locations such as Google Maps.

Google then uses three primary factors based on your map listing to determine if they should show your company in a local search result.

  1. Relevance- How well a local listing website matches what someone is looking for. Since we know the top search terms of your customers we ensure your website is relevant for high service and sales search terms.
  2. Distance – How far your company is from the searcher compared to other relevant companies. If a searcher does not specify their location in the search bar, Google uses data previously collected to determine the approximate location.
  3. Prominence – How well-known your business is based on information from inbound web links, articles, and directories. Customer review count and average score also affects the prominence. We improve your prominence through our SEO techniques, our social review center, directory listings and inbound links.

We ensure that your company is correctly listed in Google Maps, you have a higher number of reviews and a higher review average. This increases your relevance and prominence to ensure your website displays in Google local search results.

Online Directories – Listing Sync Pro

Search engines also rank websites based on the number and quality of external links to your company’s website. Many of these inbound links come from internet directories. As a service company, there are literally thousands of related directories that your business should be listed with. Google has trusted directories that it uses to weigh the importance of your inbound directory listings.

We ensure your website is correctly listed with hundreds of trusted contractor related directories on the internet. This improves your search ranking and referral clicks from customers who are searching for the services you provide.