Growing Your Business With Pay Per Click

How Can Pay Per Click Grow My Business?

Many HVAC businesses struggle to find ways to grow at a fast pace.  Getting your HVAC website found through search engine optimization can take months or even years to build. If you need immediate results to boost your revenue, there is an alternative: Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. 

PPC advertising generates new leads, drives targeted traffic to your website and positions your heating and cooling business better in the market. Moreover, PPC is an instant and effective advertising method to grow your HVAC business.  

Need a little more convincing?  Here are 5 ways PPC advertising can help grow your HVAC business.

Generate Hot Leads

PPC displays your business ad at the exact moment a consumer is searching for your service or product.  A consumer that clicks on your HVAC ad at the moment they need heating and cooling services is a hot lead.  Because a hot lead is ready to make a purchase, they can convert to a sale quickly. So not only do you generate revenue fast, you do so with minimal sales effort.

Get Immediate, Daily Results

If you need immediate results to boost your revenue, say for a rapid post COVID recovery, PPC advertising is the answer. PPC advertising is like a faucet.  As soon as you turn it on, prospective consumers start flowing to your website enquiring about your HVAC services. PPC is an immediate way to generate leads and increase sales.

Increase Brand Recognition

Extensive research shows that humans respond more positively to images they’ve seen regularly. Therefore, a PPC ad, by just being shown online, will make a consumer more familiar with your HVAC business.  So, even if they aren’t ready for your HVAC services yet, a PPC ad exposes them to your business name.  Then, when they do need heating and cooling services, your HVAC name will be recognized as one they know and trust. This may be enough to choose you over a competitor.  And the best part, if a consumer doesn’t click on an ad, you don’t pay for it.  So in effect, you can get this increased brand recognition without paying a penny. 

Pay For Performance

Suppose you are an HVAC company paying $4 per click for the keywords ‘furnace repair’ in the depths of winter.  During a day, 10 people click on your ad.  Of these 10 people, two call your business, and one turns into a paying customer.  For an investment of $40, you were able to secure a job that profits significantly more than that.  With PPC, you only pay for the ad when someone clicks on it.  You pay for performance.  Since everything is measurable, you can easily make adjustments to ensure your campaign is profitable and grows your bottom line.

Controllable, Affordable Budget

With PPC advertising, you can create daily and cost-per-click budgets. You can also pause or turn off a PPC campaign easily. These features mean that you stay in control of spend. The size of your ad budget will determine how many business leads you will attract.  However, pay per click offers affordable, proven results for businesses of all ad budget sizes. 

Grow Your HVAC Business Today With a PPC Ad Campaign

To sum it up, a PPC advertising campaign can grow your HVAC business quickly and affordably.  If you want to know more about PPC advertising or are looking for a professional to handle your PPC campaign, contact All Contractor Marketing® today.