How to have the right Social Media Presence

By now, most businesses, big and also small, know they should have a social media presence. However, a lot of companies, particularly HVAC providers, do not do social media marketing right.  Simply having a FaceBook page is not enough. You need a strategy for social media marketing to be effective.  Yet, when social media marketing is done right, it can help build brand awareness, engage customers, and also generate leads.  Here are some of the key ways to do social media marketing right.

Identify Your Audience – Social Media Presence

Defining your target customers and identifying how they engage with social media is key to doing social media marketing right.  First, determine your key audience’s age, location, income, and also their homeownership status. Then, research how your target customer base engages with social media.  Is your target audience Millennials? Gen Xers?  Do they mostly use Snapchat, FaceBook, or Instagram?  Social media analytics or a social media marketing company can help find this information.  Armed with these insights, you can better decide the right platform for your content and also better target your audience.

Research Your Competition

Another way to ensure you do social media marketing right is to research your competition.  Are your competitors using social media?  How many platforms are they on? How many posts are they putting out?  What social media marketing is working for them?  What isn’t?  Undertaking a competitor analysis can also help you spot opportunities and help define your business’s social media marketing strategy.

Create Engaging Posts

Social media marketing posts should be about more than selling your product.  Social media presence and content should be informative and add value. By creating engaging social media marketing posts, you build customer engagement and also loyalty.  In turn, this leads to real-time sales.  Engaging social media posts often include eye-catching imagery, along with useful knowledge. Posts could include notifying your target audience of new regulatory changes, like the new freon regulations.  Or posts could announce company awards like receiving a Carrier President’s Award.  The aim is to build up a customer relationship through trust and also honesty.

Track and Tweak What You Do

All social media marketing strategies should be tested and also tracked.  With the use of social media marketing tools, you can identify what is working best and implement small changes. Continually tracking and tweaking your social media marketing strategy will ensure it is the most effective it can be.

Elevate Your Social Media Marketing Presence

Social media marketing is essential in the 21st Century, even for small businesses.  When you do social media marketing right, you can build a relationship with your target audience, increase brand awareness, and generate business leads.  At All Contractor Marketing®, we have one of the highest performing HVAC social media marketing programs available in the area.  If you are interested in doing your social media right, contact us today.