Don’t Abandon Email Marketing

Why Email Marketing is Still Important for Attracting HVAC Customers

You might think that with the growing popularity of social media platforms, sending emails to customers is no longer necessary. Think again.  In actuality, email is still one of the most widely used digital tools for communication and marketing. According to a study by Statista, [] over 90% of internet users in the United States also use email. At All Contractor Marketing, we are your expert email marketing firm. Trust our experience. 

Mobile devices’ growing popularity means that individuals check their emails more easily and frequently today.  Consider your own life.  Are you guilty of checking your email in line at the coffee shop or the grocery store? Have you responded to emails in the waiting room at the doctor’s office?

Expert Email Marketing

Trust our Experience

Not using email as part of your HVAC marketing strategy means you miss out on an important channel.  Still hesitant?  Keep reading.  These four benefits should convince you that email marketing is still essential for attracting HVAC customers. 

4 Benefits of Expert Email Marketing for HVAC Companies

Inexpensive, Easy, and Effective

For small to medium-sized HVAC companies on a budget, email marketing is a cost-effective channel to reach customers. Consider a traditional marketing campaign that sends out a direct mail piece to residents.  There are a lot of costs associated with printing, postage, and creative design.  With emails, you can use the same imagery and message without the additional expense.  Moreover, further information can be accessed easily with one click to your website. 

Moreover, for every $1 you spend on email marketing, you can expect an average return of $42 (DMA, 2019).[]  There are many email marketing benefits, as we will discuss. Still, this one tops the list for generating leads and boosting revenues.

More Customizable, Therefore More Effective

Social media platforms are an excellent channel for interacting with your audience and building relationships with your customers.  However, when you write a Facebook post, you have to address your entire client base. An example post might say, ‘We want to ensure that your family stays warm and safe through the cold winter nights. Book an appointment now!’

With email marketing, you can segment your audience lists and send each a tailored email message. You can also include the recipient’s name.  For example, an email could be sent to clients who’ve previously booked a fall tune-up but haven’t scheduled it for spring. Creating a targeted, personalized message increases customer engagement and leads to more booked appointments than social media. 

Results are Measurable

Today’s advanced email marketing software can track who opened your email and which embedded links were clicked. There is no guesswork as to how your email campaigns are performing.  Real-time analytics also means that you can make adjustments and improve the effectiveness of your email marketing mid-campaign.  For instance, many email marketing campaigns utilize A/B testing.  In one A/B test, all emails could have the same email but with two different subject lines.  Do more customers open and email with the subject ‘Reminder: Spring Tune-up Due’ or ‘20% Off All Spring Tune-ups.’ These things can be measured and improved upon.

Builds Brand Awareness

Effective email marketing keeps your HVAC business name front of mind with your customer.  Research shows that the more individuals see a company’s brand name, the more likely they are to recall that name.  Consider the homeowner whose air-conditioning breaks down during humid Georgia summer.  If the homeowner has received frequent, relevant, helpful emails over the year, they will think of you.  If not, they will go to the Internet and search for a company with good reviews. With traditional email marketing, your customer will more likely recall your name when the need for service arises.

Proven Expert Email Marketing Results

At All Contractor Marketing, we have extensive experience in HVAC email marketing. We know the types of email messages to send to your customers and how often. We offer proven results with our highly profitable digital email marketing techniques.  To learn more about how HVAC Email Marketing can increase jobs for you, contact us today.