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Marketing Video Production for Contractors

Engage high-quality leads with powerful video marketing strategies.

Video is a highly engaging marketing tool – even for trade businesses. At All Contractor Marketing, our video production services help contractors reach a wider audience with more impact. We handle every detail, from the video’s script writing to the final edits.

Why Video Marketing Matters for Contractors

It’s not easy to convey the details and value of trade services to consumers. Video marketing allows you to better explain what you do as a plumber, electrician, or HVAC technician – and why your customers should care.

Our full-service video production also accounts for search engine optimization. Google and the other top engines reward businesses that market across multiple mediums. If you want to improve your organic ranking, you can’t ignore the power of video. 

To get a taste of what we’re talking about, check out this example of a contracting marketing video. This whiteboard-style production is highly engaging and can be tailored to your brand’s precise branding guidelines.

The Benefits of Video Marketing

Increased Conversions

It’s not just about creating a video – it’s about getting it in the right places online. We strategize to create and place videos where our contractors get the best bang for their buck.

Strong Brand Messaging

Video marketing helps customers get to know your brand’s feel, voice, and personality. All Contractor Marketing will design a video that perfectly reflects your business, down to the uniforms your crew wears.

Clear Value Propositions

The contracting industry is our area of expertise. Allow us to create electrical, plumbing, and HVAC videos that truly convey your service offerings. We know what your customers want – and we’ll ensure your video answers all of their important questions.

Engage and Educate via Whiteboard Videos

Whiteboard videos are an effective, affordable way to communicate complex ideas quickly. This is especially valuable for contractors, who often need to explain tricky concepts in mere minutes. Whiteboard videos also offer immense creative freedom – at a reasonable price.

Ready to Start Marketing with Video?

Want to learn what a whiteboard video could do for your contracting business? Contact our full-service video production agency to set up a free call. We’ll explain our services, then determine how they fit in with your marketing strategies.

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