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Certified Exit Planning Advisor And Consultant

HVAC Business Growth Consultant, Christopher Smith, M.Ed., Earns Prestigious CEPA Designation

Christopher Smith, M.Ed., receives CEPA Designation and Joins the International Community of Business Advisors a part of the Exit Planning Institute

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Marietta, GA – All Contractor Marketing is proud to announce that HVAC Business Growth Consultant Christopher Smith, M.Ed., recently earned the Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA) designation from the Exit Planning Institute. With this designation, Christopher joins hundreds of international business consultants who completed an intensive 5-day executive MBA-style program and demonstrated business exit planning competency through a vigorous testing certification. Christopher comments, “While most HVAC businesses focus on growing revenue, very few focus on growing business value, and this can have negative value consequences when the business owner decides to sell the business. By implementing a multi-year business exit strategy, we can maximize the multiple of the business value which can result in much more at the selling table”. It is estimated that more than 75% of the current HVAC business are owned by baby boomers who will be making an exit whether planned or unplanned in the next 10-years. “HVAC business exit planning can result in a higher multiple at the closing table which means the difference in literally millions of dollars in business valuation for those owners who begin exit planning now,” stated Christopher. “Your exit from the HVAC business is coming whether you plan for it or not; why not make it as profitable for you and your family as possible, with expert guidance from a trusted resource, especially considering how hard you have worked for most of your life in the HVAC business,” says Christopher.

About All Contractor Marketing

All Contractor Marketing is an HVAC business growth and marketing firm that provides HVAC-specific marketing for HVAC businesses across the United States. “We work closely with HVAC business owners to increase gross revenue through highly targeted marketing, improve profit through internal process improvement, and now with the CEPA program help owners sell for more money at the time of exit,” stated Michele Smith, All Contractor Marketing’s Chief Executive Officer. “We guide the HVAC owner with industry best practices from day one of licensing to the last day of exiting to change lives and improve financial wealth,” says Michele. All Contractor Marketing was founded in 2006 by previous HVAC business owners who helped guide HVAC business owners to higher revenue, higher profit, and better quality of life. “This CEPA designation coupled with Christopher’s Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Adult and Continuing Education/Teaching degree and an HVAC State License; he truly understands the HVAC business owner and knows what it takes to help them succeed,” says Michele.

About the CEPA Program

The Certified Exit Planning Advisor program was specifically designed for business advisors working closely with privately held owners. The organizing principle of the program is Master Planning, the alignment of the three legs of the stool (business, personal, financial), which is executed through the implementation of a process called the Value Acceleration Methodology™. Using an executive MBA-style format, the program includes lectures, group discussions, case studies, and individual exercises to introduce participants to these concepts and reinforce skills. The program is taught by the Exit Planning Institute’s faculty of advisors, who are all sought-after subject matter experts and authors.

To receive the CEPA designation, Christopher Smith completed the rigorous 4-day program that involved approximately one hundred hours of pre-course study, thirty hours of classroom instruction and completed a 3-hour proctored exam.

About the Exit Planning Institute

The Exit Planning Institute delivers interactive education and training, performance-enhancing resources, and strategic tools to enhance the exit planning profession. Formed in 2005 to serve the educational and resource needs of wealth managers, financial planners, accountants, management consultants, attorneys, M&A advisors, commercial lenders, and other business advisors, the Institute is considered the standard trendsetter in exit planning. The only organization that offers the Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA) program qualifies for continuing education credits with twelve significant professional associations, making it the most widely accepted and endorsed professional exit planning program globally.