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Certified Exit Planning Advisor Program

Focus on growing your business’s value – not just your current revenue.

Many contracting businesses focus on growing their revenue, but they fail to grow their overall business value. This can result in negative consequences in the future – especially when implementing a business exit strategy.

At All Contractor Marketing®, we help home service business owners increase their gross revenue and sell for more money. We’ll connect you with a certified exit planning advisor (CEPA), then guide you toward the most lucrative path. 

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Meet Business Growth Consultant, Christopher Smith, M.Ed.

Christopher Smith earned his Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA) designation from the Exit Planning Institute after completing their MBA-style program. He demonstrated superb business exit planning competency and went through a vigorous testing certification. 

Today, Christopher works with All Contractor Marketing® as a certified business exit consultant. He’s worked with a wide range of clients to grow their revenue and strategize for the future. 

Your exit from your contracting business is coming, whether you plan for it or not,” says Christopher. “Why not make it as profitable for you and your family as possible, with expert guidance from a trusted resource? 
You’ve worked hard to build this business – you deserve to sell for what it’s truly worth.

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About the CEPA Program

The CEPA program was specifically designed for business advisors working closely with privately held owners. Its organizing principle, Master Planning, centers on the alignment of business, personal, and financial elements through the Value Acceleration Methodology™.

In an executive MBA-style format, the program includes:

Lectures by Exit Planning Institute advisors

Group discussions

Case studies

Individual exercises

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Why Work with the Exit Planning Institute?

Since 2005, the Exit Planning Institute has been delivering interactive education, training, resources, and tools to the exit planning profession. This organization sets the trends in exit strategy consulting, and its CEPA program distinguishes the best business exit plan advisors in the world.

What People Are Saying

All Contractor Marketing® is a top-notch company. They are very responsive, professional and know their business. They have helped our company grow and keep up with the changing technology. Can’t say enough great things about them and their staff.

Jerri M.

Great company to deal with. Michele, Chris and team are very professional and extremely responsive.

Greg L.

Michele and her team have done an awesome job for our company! They have went above and beyond to help with our advertising.

Michelle T.

Plan for the Future – Starting Today

If you’re planning to sell your contracting business, strategic exit planning can increase your sale by millions of dollars in valuation. Nothing lasts forever, so now is the best time to ensure your exit plan will be profitable for you, your family, and your business. 

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