Search Engine Marketing Demystified

What is SEM? Search Engine Marketing Demystified

The term Search Engine Marketing (SEM) was coined in 2001 to describe any marketing that uses search engines.  As the digital marketing landscape has shifted over the years, so has the definition of SEM.  Today, search engine marketing more narrowly refers to any marketing that involves purchasing ads on the Internet. Understanding why SEM is essential, but challenging can help you decide how to implement SEM into your overall business marketing strategy.

Why is SEM Essential?

SEM is a useful tool in a business’s marketing and advertising mix. SEM increases search visibility, improves search ranking, and drives more traffic to a website.  More importantly, search engine marketing offers these benefits quickly.  These benefits make SEM marketing a very effective method for small businesses to attract new leads and increase revenue.

In comparison, search engine optimisation (SEO) often uses unpaid methods, like blog sites, to increase a brand’s visibility online.  Although equally valuable, this organic strategy takes longer to achieve results.

A good marketing strategy will incorporate a balance of SEM and SEO methods.

Challenges of SEM

SEM is a paid-for marketing strategy that usually involves pay-per-click (PPC) marketing. PPC is where an advertiser gets charged a set fee every time an individual clicks on an ad.  GoogleAds is a popular platform for PPC.  PPC can also involve placing ads on social media sites like FaceBook.

The challenge with SEM is that it requires precision and experience to develop and execute a successful campaign.  Correct keywords must be chosen so that when an individual searches for these terms they see your ad. SEM marketing also requires knowledge of geocoding to ensure that your ads only show to internet users in your service area. A detailed SEM campaign will also involve linking your ads to dedicated website pages. These ad related specific website pages often need to be developed.

These factors make generating qualified leads that make you money difficult if you don’t know what you are doing. 

All Contractor Marketing: Your Local SEM Expert

The good news is that All Contractor Marketing can take the challenge of SEM marketing out of your hands.  Our first-rate team are experts at planning and also executing successful SEM campaigns that won’t waste your ad dollars.  

Now that you have a better understanding of SEM marketing, call ACM today to let us help you with your goals.