Promotional Item Benefits

Think Promotional Items Are a Waste of Money? Think Again

We live in a digital world.  So, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the only current marketing avenue is online advertising.  However, there is a very successful marketing tactic businesses have been using for years, that is now almost forgotten: the promotional product. If you’re one of these individuals, think again.  Businesses that believe promotional items are a waste of money are missing out.  It’s time to bring back the branded gift.  Here’s why!

What Are Promo Items?

Promotional items are branded gifts that businesses give out to current and prospective clients.  Usually, they are small, but useful, items like a spiral notebook, a spinner pen, or a canvas tote bag.  The aim is to give a customer an inexpensive object to remind the receiver of the company that they got it from.

Greater Brand Exposure

In today’s digital economy, consumers are constantly being bombarded with advertising. This proliferation of search engine advertising means that an online ad will only be in front of your customers’ eyes for only a few seconds.  Additionally, as we move to a subscription-based society, many homeowners are paying extra for Hulu, YouTube and Amazon Prime television services without advertising. This means many of your potential customers won’t even be seeing your ads at all.

However, promotional items are tangible. For instance, a branded sticky note holder that sits on a customer’s desk displays your brand name all day long. Having a physical item that a consumer can touch and regularly visualise helps boost brand recall.  In fact, according to a recent PPAI study, for some promotional items, recall is as high as 89%, even up to two years after receiving the promotional item.

Low Cost, Effective Marketing

Compared to other forms of advertising, promotional items give you a lot of brand exposure for little cost.  In fact, according to, promotional items can be as much as 66% more cost effective per impression than traditional marketing outlets. Consider the branded canvas tote bag.  Once given to a customer, they are likely to use it out in public spaces.  This increases the exposure of your brand, giving you a higher number of impressions than what you can traditionally get with online advertising.  

Increased Customer Loyalty

Giveaway items also increase the feel-good factor with your customer.  Everyone loves a freebie!  Getting a small gift from you can cost as little as .25 cents for something like a box of matches.  But that little act goes a long way to say ‘Thank you for being a customer!’ That one small little act can gain customer loyalty and even customer business.  The PPAI study states that 85% of people who receive promotional items will do business with the advertiser.  The study goes on to state that promotional items draw a staggering 500% more referrals from customers who enjoy the promotional item they receive.

Are You Ready To Include Promo Items in Your Marketing Strategy?

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