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Mergers & Acquisitions Business Brokerage

Have you thought about selling your business? Our experienced M&A business brokers help you get the money your business is worth and the terms most favorable for you. We provide a process to maximize your leverage during an exit to help you stay in control and exit the business on YOUR terms.

We have helped business owners just like you secure the right deal by utilizing:

  1. Confidential exposure to our qualified buyer network.
  2. Third-party business valuations to determine the fair market value of your business.
  3. A full database of QUALIFIED buyers who have the money to close the deal.

Let’s be honest. You didn’t spend a lifetime building a business and lifestyle to have it all go up in smoke through a bad exit process. You can’t work forever and utilizing the exit strategy of selling the business lets you take advantage of 60% of the true value of a business – the money you make at the closing table.

Tips for the BEST exit strategy:

Never give your business to your children:

Most children lack the financial resources and business acumen to successfully run a business. We often see broken families and broken relationships over situations where the children run the business into bankruptcy. What you thought would be a good thing turns into not speaking to your children and not seeing the grandkids at Christmas anymore. If you want to help your children, sell YOUR business and then loan them the money to start their OWN business. This preserves family relationships and helps you harvest the true wealth of your business.

Get a third party valuation:

Having an experienced third-party business valuation helps you to get a fair price at closing and speeds up the exit process. Many times business owners use what is known as a “country club valuation” to determine what the business should be worth. This is usually after talking to a friend or competitor that sold their business and they report a higher than truthful selling price or an inflated sales price that includes an inflated earn-out.

Always use a broker:

Experienced buyers take advantage of business owners who do not utilize an experienced business M&A broker advisor. Using a broker means you earn the best price while also getting the best terms. A broker helps you navigate the highly emotional process of selling your business and avoiding mistakes.

Have a Broker Get in Touch: