Crisis Marketing

Marketing During a Crisis

We are in an unprecedented time since COVID-19 hit the United States millions of Americans face each day with fear and anxiety. Fear of what is to come and anxiety about what will be is a daily thought on the minds of U.S citizens. Whether it is worrying about being infected, paying bills, childcare or even losing their jobs; Americans are facing a time of unquestionable panic that is real. Each day we are bombarded with breaking news, disturbing headlines and emails that validate our uncertainties. As business owners, you play a vital role in how you market your company during this crisis. Knowing how and when to communicate with your customers and how crisis marketing works is crucial.

5 Key Points on Marketing During a Crisis

From finances to health, Americans are looking for information on education, connection, and support on how to handle this global health crisis. Like many business owners, trying to navigate through this uncertain time is challenging. So, how do you continue with business and marketing during this pandemic? We have compiled a list of five different ways to guide you through marketing during a crisis.

  1. Know your brand! Knowing what your company does and also what your company stands for is important. During a crisis, is a good time to reiterate these points and share them you’re your consumers. Also, knowing what the key benefits of your products and services could be relevant to coronavirus concerns.
  2. Don’t create something new, focus on what you do. Focus on what your customers rely on you for. Your company has gotten this far in business by doing what you are good at. Be the company that your customers can rely on during any situation. 
  3. Understand the nation’s vulnerability and change your tone as the crisis changes. Having empathy is part of being human, especially during a time of crisis

Different Stage Marketing

Having empathy during a time of crisis is imperative. Different cities and populations are going through stages of the COVID-19 crisis.

  • Share personal information once. This includes emails from your CEO, your personal experiences, offering support, and checking in on your customers. Oversharing information can seem disingenuous.
  • Listen! What you might need could be completely different from your customer’s needs. Don’t be afraid to step outside of your circle to find out what your consumer wants and needs. Then look for creative ways to communicate this information to them (ie. communication app, virtual tours, product demos, and YouTube videos).   

During a Crisis be Cognitive to your Customers Needs

At a time of crisis when the news is shocking and full of ominous headlines about COVID-19, it’s important to remember to keep calm. There are many things we can control and a lot of ways you can make a difference. If you have credible information that can help the public during this time of crisis, share it. People might not remember what you did or what you said but they will remember how you make them feel. Step outside your box and put yourself in your consumer’s shoes. Most importantly, it is crucial to be prayerful, cognitive, and remember we are all in this together.

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