COVID-19 Client Update

All Contractor Marketing® COVID-19 Client Update

As the news regarding the COVID-19 continues to escalate; all of us at All Contractor Marketing® want you to know that we are here to support you and your business during this unprecedented time.  Learn more in our Covid-19 update.

From handling your customer communications through social media; to email news blasts, we are assisting HVAC dealers in getting the word about indoor air quality products. These products can help homeowners and businesses during this virus outbreak as well as information related to business schedule updates.  

At All Contractor Marketing®, we are a fully distributed company. This means that we do not have a physical corporate office space. All our team members work remotely. We leverage a variety of software programs, email, and web conferencing services to communicate with each other and with our clients. Because of our remote access; we feel our employees are safe and will be able to continue to serve you as needed during the COVID-19 outbreak.

If you signed up for social media, digital marketing, or email newsletters as a part of your 2020 Mingledorff’s Marketing plan; please reach out to us and inform us on how we can help you communicate your business plans/updates to your customers. We are here to serve you.

If you did not choose any of these marketing plans; and are in need of these services during these unprecedented times, please reach out to Jake Cordle, our sales manager, to enroll in the programs at your convenience (normal plan charges will be applied). You can call or also text by phone (404) 419-6884 or email at 

You can reach any of ACM’s team members at (404) 419-6884; or contact us online at

We are continuing to lift you up in prayer during this time.  We hope you, your team members and your families stay safe and healthy during these unprecedented times.

As experienced HVAC business owners, you have made it through countless previous challenges. We believe in you and know you will make it through this challenge as well. We will be here to help you as we can along the way.