Issues of Marketing Companies Who Solicit over Phone

All Contractor Marketing wants to make each and every one of our clients aware of the dangers of marketing companies who solicit over the phone. Whether these companies are trying to have you purchase a Google Business Listing or they are trying to sell you on buying links or social media followers, none of these tactics are reputable and we strongly urge our clients to be vigilant if they receive these telemarketing calls.

Google Business Listing Scams

If you, or a member of your staff, receive a robocall or phone call from someone claiming that your Google Business listing might not be verified or claimed, we suggest ending the call and blocking the caller immediately. Google does not charge for business listings and these phone calls are scams.

Unethical Marketing

If you ever receive a call from a marketing company that recommends buying email list subscribers, buying social media followers, offering paid links or buying positive reviews – run the other way. Not only are these practices unethical, but they can hurt your business and reputation.

Fake Employees

Another issue you may experience originates in call centers. These companies will often misrepresent themselves, even implying, or saying they are with your current marketing company. Often the person calling may not even be from the marketing company, they are just a call center employee trying to generate leads for another company. They have no real interest in you or your business, although they will portray that they do.

All Contractor Marketing’s Approach

All Contractor Marketing handles its dealers with a high-touch approach. The only employees that have dealer contact, or may reach out to you are Michele, Chris, Melissa, Keri, Tricia or Jake. We want to ensure you receive the best service; therefore, we only allow seasoned employees to have client contact.

If you ever have any questions about a phone call you’ve received or new marketing tactics that have been mentioned to you, please give us a call. We’re here to help and to make sure you don’t fall victim to one of these problems.