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Author Christopher Smith

About Christopher Smith, Author

Christopher Smith is a previous HVAC business owner who still holds his State of Georgia conditioned air license. Christopher sold his HVAC business in 2006 and founded All Contractor Marketing with his wife, Michele. For over 16 years, they have helped hundreds of HVAC companies to stop wasting money, grow their businesses, and also reach their goals.

Working with hundreds of HVAC companies of all sizes that are located all across the United States has given Christopher a unique insight into how successful HVAC companies operate and also what common mistakes struggling HVAC business owners continue to make.

Christopher holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Management and Leadership and also a Master’s Degree in Human Resources and Adult Training.

Christopher truly enjoys helping HVAC business owners solve difficult problems through business systems, employee development, business logic, data analytics, sales processes, training, consulting, and also marketing. Chris also works as a merger and acquisition broker in the home service industry.

His extensive HVAC business experience has helped to develop a proven method of growing HVAC companies into something remarkable. When managed correctly, an HVAC business can change your life and also make you wealthy.

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christopher smith - get rich in hvac book

Christopher Smith is the author of the new book, Get Rich in HVAC, The Insider Secrets. This book will help the HVAC business owner or manager to stop wasting money, grow the business, run the business to prepare to sell, and ultimately sell the business and harvest the wealth.

The book will tell you how to:

  1. Grow your HVAC business with the right marketing.
  2. Run your HVAC business to sell.
  3. How to sell your HVAC business.
  4. How to grow your HVAC business by buying other HVAC businesses.

Learn today how to create and harvest incredible wealth by running, buying, and selling HVAC companies.

Christopher Smith Six Steps To Grow Your HVAC Business

Christopher Smith is also the author of Six Steps To Grow Your HVAC Business. This guide will help the HVAC business owner or manager to stop wasting money, grow the business, and also reach his/her goals.

The book will tell you how to:

  1. Know Your Potential Customers.
  2. Fix Your Company Reputation.
  3. Fix Your Pricing.
  4. Strategically Fix Your Marketing.
  5. Recruit Hire and Train Great People.
  6. Stop Listening to the Blind Guide

Therefore don’t Delay! Learn today how to stop wasting your money, grow your business, and also reach your goals!

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