15 HVAC Marketing Myths Exposed

At All Contractor Marketing®, we’ve worked in HVAC marketing for over 16 years. Over the last decade, we’ve encountered our fair share of marketing myths and misunderstandings – many of which hold HVAC companies back in their advertising strategies.

Working on marketing your HVAC company? We are here to set the facts straight. All Contractor Marketing® has operated behind the scenes with countless HVAC companies, and we know what works (and what doesn’t).

HVAC Marketing Myths

Myth #1: HVAC social media marketing isn’t worth the time.

FALSE: We’ve seen many clients make the mistake of underestimating the value of social media in their marketing strategies. Although most customers aren’t necessarily searching for HVAC services on TikTok, Instagram, or their other social platforms, it is important to establish a presence on these apps.

Myth #2: The HVAC marketing campaign that works for another company will work for us.

FALSE: Marketing is never a one-size-fits-all equation, even if you’re comparing your strategies to those of others in your industry. You and your team are unique and have your own value.

Rather than just following the crowd, you should explore the HVAC marketing tips that best benefit your company – not someone else’s.

Myth #3: You don’t need a set HVAC marketing plan.

FALSE: In order to grow year over year, you need to set comprehensive goals. “Winging it” won’t get your HVAC company the leads or revenue it deserves. Trust us – we’ve seen what a set HVAC marketing plan can do for companies like yours.

Myth #4: It’s best to work with multiple HVAC marketing agencies at once.

FALSE: When you work with too many HVAC digital marketing experts at the same time, you lose the ability to create a cohesive, synergetic marketing plan. In most cases, determining who to turn to for marketing expertise is more about quality than quantity.

Myth #5: It’s not worth paying for professional HVAC local marketing services.

FALSE: Many HVAC companies turn to general marketing agencies for assistance, but that’s not the best choice. The HVAC industry operates differently than most others, and trade businesses like yours require highly experienced and specialized marketing guidance.

You need an agency that is well-versed in what works for your kind of business, not everyone else’s.

Myth #6: HVAC marketing services only help acquire new customers.

FALSE: HVAC social media marketing and other advertising strategies aren’t just about generating new clients. It’s also important to maintain an online presence that helps you forge strong relationships with previous and current customers.

Myth #7: Word-of-mouth marketing is what really matters to HVAC businesses.

FALSE: Although word-of-mouth marketing is often very effective, you can’t solely rely on customer referrals to generate strong revenue. Our HVAC digital marketing agency will help you expand your horizons and access a much wider audience, thereby opening the door to more customers (and more money).

Myth #8: Older customers won’t see HVAC web marketing.

FALSE: Customers over the age of 60 might not be as present online as younger generations, but that doesn’t mean they’re entirely ignorant of online marketing. Older customers still turn to digital directories and Google to find HVAC professionals – and you need to get your name in front of them.

Myth #9: We should spend most of our ad budget on HVAC PPC marketing.

FALSE: Pay-per-click (PPC) marketinis a great avenue to explore, but it’s not the only form of digital marketing to consider. There are also more traditional marketing methods that can prove extremely valuable to HVAC companies, such as social media marketing or postcard mailing.

The best way to determine where and how to spend your ad budget is to speak with our HVAC marketing experts. No two businesses are alike, and we’ll help you discover what’s best for your company’s lead generation.

Myth #10: HVAC email marketing doesn’t work anymore.

FALSE: The truth is that HVAC email marketing works. Email might not seem like the most crucial marketing tool to invest in, but it’s still an incredible way to land your information in someone’s personal inbox. There’s a reason email marketing is still considered to have the highest ROI amongst most marketing methods.

Myth #11: Search engine results are the same for every searcher.

FALSE: All search engines tailor your search results to you based on your history and your web visits. That means if someone from your HVAC company searches for your company or services online, they might be more likely to see your website than a random searcher.

The bottom line: don’t trust what you see on Google. You need SEO strategies that actually get you in front of all your relevant searchers.

Myth #12: Online booking options don’t improve sales.

FALSE: People are busy these days and are used to texting, making appointments online, and shopping online.  We’ve seen higher conversions and appointments made with online booking options – so don’t skip this opportunity.

Myth #13: Negative reviews are always bad for HVAC business marketing.

FALSE: Negative reviews happen, even to the best companies out there. However, they are not always a bad thing, if you can find the silver lining and respond well.

The key is to answer nasty feedback appropriately and professionally. In doing so, you can actually use a negative review as an opportunity to showcase your brand’s dedication to service and its customers.

Myth #14: My website works fine, so it doesn’t need any design updates.

FALSE: Technology is changing in this fast-paced world – and you need to keep up. Just because your website functions fine doesn’t mean it should stay as it is. Our team specializes in ensuring HVAC websites are up to par and ready to face the competition.

Myth #15: I only need to have an HVAC marketing plan in certain seasons.

FALSE: Although many HVAC companies see the biggest spike in business during the summer seasons, marketing should be a year-round initiative. If you’re only advertising during peak seasons, you’re potentially missing out on a wealth of off-season opportunities.

Work With Our HVAC Marketing Agency

Since 2006, All Contractor Marketing® has specialized in marketing and consulting services for HVAC companies, as well as other trade businesses. This is our realm of expertise, and we’re here to dispel myths and help you understand what will really help your company grow.

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